Tips To Eating Healthy

Everyone wants to be healthy. Not just to lose weight but to feel good about themselves and feel happy in their own skin. To feel confident and beautiful, you want to be healthy. When your body is happy inside, you will feel great outside. That’s common knowledge. But if everyone wants to be healthy, why aren’t they? Well there are many reasons but one of the main reasons is food. We live in a time where we people try to make unhealthy food more attractive than healthy ones. A burger with 2 huge patties, cheese, jalapenos and chilli sounds way better than a salad. But while one will give you over 800 calories, the other will only give you about a 100 and way more nutrients too. However food establishments would advertise the daylights out of the burger and make you feel you are missing out on something if you don’t eat it. Added to this is the simple fact that a burger is indeed more delicious than a salad. So eating healthy is tough. But it can be done if you follow a few tips.

Make your food interesting

A salad on its own especially if it’s just greens can be bland and un-appetising. You may eat it to be healthy but you won’t feel that good about eating it. So the important thing to remember is to make your food interesting. Make it something you want to eat. Include a variety of nutritious food into your meal. Incorporate Nuts, your favourite fruit, some spices to give your salad a little kick. Also include a little bit of Feta cheese if you like cheese as it is healthy and low in fat and calories when compared to other cheeses. Throw on some fruit powders on top if you feel you want something exotic and if you are not a vegan then a protein of your choice. Bland food is awful to eat. And being healthy does not mean you need to eat food that is bland. Make your food flavourful and interesting.

Moderation is easier to follow than abstinence.

Being told you can’t eat something, makes you want to crave it more and not everyone has the strong will power to not give in to their cravings. When people have strict diets, they tend to overdo on their cheat day and indulge way too much. So what you need to do is moderate your food and not completely abstain from it. Especially in the beginning of your healthy lifestyle. If you ate four slices of bread for breakfast every day before then instead of completely removing it, try to switch to another more nutritious bread and reduce the quantity. Instead of white bread, switch to wholegrain bread instead. This way you would not consume empty carbs. If you tend to eat dessert after lunch, maybe have a packet of dried fruit and eat 1 or 2 pieces to satisfy the sugar craving.