Why Is It Important To Have A Variety Of Food In The Menu For Catering?

If you are running a catering service, the success of your business depends on what you offer your customers. Higher the range of items you offer, your revenue increases. It is important to know that you need to be able to offer a higher range of items in order to attract various types of customers. Here are few reasons why you should have a range of products on the menu when you run a catering business.

You always have a safety net
When running a business it is important to have a plan B. If you are running a catering business, you can start by offering few items and for few events. But when you can offer a range of products there is always a market for your products.

For example, if you are reputed for making the best peking duck, you can cater to many Chinese festivals and many Chinese events. If you do only one type of cuisines, chances are you can only provide services to one type of customers and events. For example if you do only Chinese food then you can deliver to Chinese food eating crowd and their events only. But if you do many other types of cuisine you will know that you always have a safety net. During the Chinese New Year you will have plenty of business if you do Chinese food but during other times of the year it won’t be that useful if you only do one type of food.

Can cater to a higher number of customers
When running a catering business it means you need to be able to cater to many customers. People require catering services for birthday parties, weddings, funerals and many other cultural and personal occasions. Having many items on the dish helps to cater to all these needs and markets. For example, if you can make the best peking duck it will be your signature dish, and if you make other dishes along with it you can attract many customers. Many catering service specialize only one type of dish and if you can break away from the typical type and try to specialize many different types of food. You can visit the great site using this link http://www.mott32.com/philosophy/ for modern chinese cuisine.

Your catering service will have a good reputation
It is easier to be popular among customers and potential customers when you can provide a range of products. It will be more interesting for the customers. So even if they take your services for one event its highly likely they will hire you again for a different event if you have the capacity to cater.